The Program


The Program

The Program (2014)

Prelude — Austin Wintory

 - featuring Tina Guo, ‘cello


Lux Aurumque — Eric Whitacre

- featuring Choral Chameleon


Black Bend — Dan Visconti


“This is Berk” & “Romantic Flight” (How To Train Your Dragon) — John Powell (Arranged by Jonathan Beard and Dashiel Reed)


How to Breathe Underwater — Chris Cerrone


“Standing Stones” (Dear Ester) — Jessica Curry (Arranged by Austin Wintory)


“Road of Trials” (Journey) — Austin Wintory

- featuring Tina Guo, ‘cello


The Last of Us (The Last of Us)— Gustavo Santaolalla (Arranged by Adam Gubman)

-featuring Troy Baker, narration


Will The Circle Be Unbroken —Traditional (Arranged by Marc Lacuesta and Austin Wintory)

- featuring Troy Baker, vocals & Choral Chameleon


First Interlude — Austin Wintory

- featuring Tanya Gabrielian


Cohen’s Masterpiece (BioShock) — Garry Schyman

- featuring Tanya Gabrielian


BioShock Infinite Suite — Garry Schyman (Arranged by David Peacock)


Passacaglia (Battlestar Galactica) — Bear McCreary


Second Interlude — Austin Wintory

- featuring Allison Nicoteca, bassoon


Annunciation — Jeremy Howard Beck

- featuring Choral Chameleon


kommós — Melissa Dunphy

- featuring Sarah Whitney, violin


Game of Thrones — Ramin Djawadi (Arranged by Austin Wintory)


Apotheosis (Journey) — Austin Wintory

-featuring Tina Guo, ‘cello