Music from Video Games, TV & Film, and Modern Concert Works

 Including music from Austin Wintory's score to  Journey

Including music from Austin Wintory's score to Journey

Mythos features the all-star orchestra and choir of The Third Estate, conducted by Austin Wintory — the GRAMMY-nominated composer of Journey.  This concert promises to be an exceptionally innovative concert experience. Austin Wintory has curated this concert from the music of many of today’s leading composers into a seamless, dramatic orchestral work.

Mythos is a showcase of great music from across the spectrum of modern orchestral genres — music from Modern Concert Works, Video Games, TV & Film. All of the music has been composed in the last several years, and will be performed without pause. Printed concert programs will be withheld until the end of the concert so that all may enjoy the listening pleasure that comes from not knowing what's next!

Mythos will show you how beautiful and deeply engaging modern music can be.

Highlights from Mythos 2014