Photo Credit: Laura Marie Duncan

Photo Credit: Laura Marie Duncan

Welcome to Mythos, a concert of contemporary music.

It began as a blog about video game music. I imagined the New York Philharmonic seriously performing thoughtfully considered and adequately rehearsed video game music for all those people who love Comic Con here in New York City. That dream has morphed into Mythos — a seamless orchestral odyssey, composed by some of our greatest living American composers. A vibrant expression of American genius, Mythos is music that has been heard and loved by hundreds of millions of people and yet is rarely played in a live acoustic environment, and almost never in New York City. I believe that music is music and good music deserves to be played by living musicians.

Austin Wintory has composed and arranged his music and the music of his colleagues into a single-movement work for this concert. No, you won’t know the names of the works nor who wrote what. There are no visual gimmicks to distract your ears. There is no click track to rob the music of its breath.

Give yourself up to Austin Wintory and The Third Estate — and let us show you how beautiful and deeply engaging modern music can be.

- Peter Sachon


Produced by Peter Sachon, Carbon Cello Productions LLC

Presented by New York Comic Con

Austin Wintory Conductor, Arranger, & Composer

Kimothy Cruse - Line Producer

Sydney Gallas - Wardrobe Stylist

Micheal Tomczak - Production Assistant

Arden Armbruster - Production Assistant

Mythos logo by MLN Designs - Mickey Lee Nelson

The Third Estate 

Antoine Silverman - Musical Coördinator

Choral Chameleon

Vince Peterson - Music Director

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